On April 10th, 2010 Atlanta became host to one of the largest Meets in the South East. Created as an outlet for those who appreciate the grassroots from which the car modifying industry stems. There was everything from stock factory form cars to the extreme show competition vehicles you see at shows such as HIN, DUB, and SEMA. There are even weekend warriors present with their home built drift and autocross vehicles. “One thing that they all have in common is an uncanny understanding of quality workmanship, as well as a desire to utilize the best parts that their budgets will accommodate,” Says the Import Alliance Crew. Their past events have had impressive participation. In 2006 their first event brought in over 700 cars and approximately 1,500 people and numbers have increased to exceed 1900 cars and approximately 4000 people with attendees coming form more than 30 states! This is actually the second Spring event which the International AllStars have participated in and covered. This year International AllStars were present along side the Import Alliance crew to represent the South East’s modified car demographic. It was a very fun trip for all of us who attended. Import Alliance this year was a much more unique experience for me as I was invited to come and do some coverage of what is called “The Tour Couture”. In recent years the Tour Couture was a group of enthusiasts from Nashville and Chattanooga, TN who caravanned down to Atlanta for the big Import Alliance Meet. Producing 50+ cars it was definitely the place to be if you were attending the meet and were coming through TN. This year the “Tour” was a bust with only a handful of cars who made it but it was still a blast to attend and cover! Got to hang halfway out the window of a 350Z going highway speeds and in and out of mountainous turns and grades for a good 4-5 hours haha was GREAT! Thanks for the invite guys! The second day comprised of the roll out with a couple of AllStars cars. We were joined by some friends who met up with us from Alabama. Had a blast doing some rolling shots of their car. Oh yeah, and we did this through good old Atlanta traffic! So, come along as we document the day before “The Tour Couture” , the day of before “Team AllStars Roll Out”, and the main event “Import Alliance” – All done the International AllStars way! Thanks for looking! -Tony



April 10, 2010 marked the 3rd event for the Mile Marker 1 Mile Marker is another event known for the standing one mile challenge. All participants are given a 1.5 mile course (1 mile for the challenge and .5 to slow down) to see who can go the fastest in one mile. Top Gun and the Texas Mile are two other well known events where cars can easily top 250mph. I decided to go down to Miami-Dade airfield (which was once the testing ground for the SSR) with my buddy Marshall (2006 Corvette with Heads, cam and tune producing approximately 500whp) and Dale who has a 2008 Z06 (stock) The morning started early but I was only greeted by many smiling faces from the NSX community. First was Oscar_Driver and his camera, he has a very clean 97 NSX with a wicked sounding exhaust, next I met Luis with a very fast BBSC (I in fact met Luis the night before in Ft Lauderdale at a local car show) and finally I met Sean who was the owner of the world famous Chromotose SC NSX. Although it might seem simple to go fast, there are a lot of things to consider: 1. Condition of your vehicle - you need to make sure your fluids are freshly changed 2. Condition of your Tires - Probably the most important aspect of these challenges. 3. Condition of your brakes - You need to stop...don’t you...stopping from 160mph requires double the distance as from stopping from 80mph. 4. Condition of the track - Any bumps or divots can seriously affect the way your car performs at speeds 5. Wind direction - Depending on the direction the wind is coming from will also affect your run. With a new set of BFGoodrich KDWs and fresh fluids, I was ready to go! The organizer allowed everyone to drive down the track in a row (at about 80mph) to get a feel of the track. Personally this was very important to me since the last airfield I raced on (NSX vs. GTR in NC) I almost got launched off the track at 140mph because of bumps midfield. To my pleasure, this airfield was as smooth as silk so I knew I would be comfortable at speed. Also a few weeks ago, a Ford GT hit 256.8mph on this same field so I knew it was safe. My target speed was kind of low. Before coming to this event, I would have been happy with a 155-160mph run. (Remember this is a standing mile, not a top speed run) So I was off on my first unofficial run of the day. I wanted to feel out the car and see if I needed to adjust anything. I forgot to mention, I am running the LoveFab Turbo stage 1 system. Down the track I go and to my dismay, I forgot about my Navi pod...well taking off from a standing start launched it off of my dash causing me to only do a 153mph pass. Anyway on my next run, I easily hit 166mph. On my final run, I barely hit 170mph in one mile from a standing stop. With the adjustment for mis-calculations, my +/- 170mph was achieved. My happiness comes from my NSX which have a 16 year old design which easily kept up with the newer more modern big V8 who were also only hitting 163-170mph. We even saw a new Nissan GTR hit 171mph and the new V-10 M5 hit 167mph.



The AllStars were a huge part of this years Extreme Autofest in San Diego with a full drift demo put on by Hiromi and the Mazda MX-5's. Hit the links below to view some of the action.



Sat May 15th from 10am to 6pm INTERNATIONAL ALLSTARS invites you to an open house car show/meet at Super AutoToyz in Orange Co.




Enjoy this AllStar Vid clip put together by Victor Cantero.



Spring Break Nationals 2010 Daytona Beach, FL Spring Break Nationals is a hit car show, audio sound off, and sound quality competition that has always been a great event to attend, showcase, and cover. Team Allstars has always had a huge presence at this even and this year the International Allstars represented well bringing home top honors in all fields in which we competed! There were vehicles in attendance from all over the country and abroad. There were license plates such as California, New York, Canada, and Puerto Rico as well as many others. This year's Spring Break Nationals was co hosted with the Funkmaster Flex Custom Car & BIke Show which brought out the likes of Will Castro from Unique Autosports and FMF himself. The car show had a great variety of vehicles ranging from VIP styled Lexus to show stopping vendor builds by JL audio, Sony, Hybrid Audio, etc. Everything from the daily driver with few modifications to the full out show cars which grace automotive magazine covers were out on display. Daytona Beach, FL being the backdrop to this fabulous event proved to be a great venue location. People from all walks of life were in attendance and they came by the thousands. The convention hall hosted three separate shows which included the FMF Car Show, Sound Pressure Competition, and the Sound Quality Competition. Audio competitions were hosted and judged by IASCA and MECA. Over the whole weekend the International Allstars were busy mixing and mingling with all the vendors, models, and fellow automotive enthusiasts as well as competing in both car audio and car show competitions. Mr. John Marsh defended his titles in the audio competitions by obtaining these awards: IASCA National Champion in Sound Quality, 1st Place National Champion for the 3rd consecutive time (2007-2008-2009), MECA Master Class 1st Place Sound Quality, MECA Best of Show in Sound Quality (Highest Overall Sound Scores of the Event)! Mr. Peter Lutz faired well too! In his 1st ever time competing in car audio sound quality competition he took home MECA 1st Place in the Stock Class as well as kicking butt by placing 3rd in the Street Asian Class in the Funk Master Flex Tuner Jam Car show! Mr. Scott Buwalda in his freshly unveiled radical Silvia took home the IASCA North America Championship 1st Place Expert award as well as taking top honors with the Best of Show Funk Master Flex Tuner Jam Car Show! And doing the event coverage like always was Mr. Tony Nguyen with his trusty Nikon capturing all the show action as well as candid moments! Awesome representation from the Allstars at this year's Spring Break Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida for sure! Keep an eye out for Team Allstars at your next big event near you!



Joining the International Allstars is recording artist Curtis Young! Doesn't he look familiar? The new single called "Product of my DNA" is smoking hot! You don't believe me? The link is below to watch "Product of my DNA". If you can't wait to know who he is, it's the legendary Dr. Dre's son. Curtis Young is paving his own way because he is his own Product of his DNA in the music industry. Coming from the legend himself (Dr. Dre), Curtis will be the DNA needed in this industry! Check out his new video: "Product of my DNA" and don't forget to go iTunes.


Curtis Young @ iTunes


Hello Allstars please welcome a new member to the Team/Family on the new DJ Division Team. Now Rich and Nico have another brother to speak the lingo (PR). Welcome aboard DJ Unique, we all wish you the best working with the International Allstars. Check him out on the internet through the links below and download his most recent article as well. He is professional and looking for big things with us, as we are with him as well. Together we can make great things happen along with history in the making. Check him out and lets help spread the word about him and the other DJ's we have on the roster. Thanks, Bill






Rally Innovations, Tarmac Performance and Team AllStars kicked off the New Year by invading Anaheim Mitsubishi. This was their 2nd Dealer Showcase of the series. They had their returning DJ to get the crowd in a groove and music to set the tone for the meet. O.C.’s finest Hooter Girls came to the show and brought Buffalo wings to tame their hunger.

The meet attracted a diverse crowd. There were a vendors displaying their products and entertaining questions. Rally Innovations brought back their well known 'Evo Soul' Evo & Ralliart Sportback, as well as their Kia Forte Tarmac Rally car. The entire Rally Innovations staff was there in full force to represent the company. The International AllStars Automotive team were there keeping the crowd hyped for the raffle while jaw dropping models were walking around and chatting with the enthusiasts.

Eibach, Injen, Ings, 5 Zigen, Banshee Auto Tunin, Road Race Engineering, Work Wheels, U.S. Autotech, and Anaheim Mitsubishi gave away some nice prizes. Work gave away some shirts, license plates and banners. Eibach gave a certificate for ProKit springs. Ings & U.S. Autotech gave a few hundred dollars in gift certificates. Mike from Road Race Engineering brought his family & donated generously gift certificates. Anaheim Mitsu gave away license plate frames and key fobs to a free car wash. Banshee Auto Tunin gave out some carbon fiber license plate holder/mounts, lanyards, and stickers. Injen gave out the grand prize of an Evo VIII exhaust system.

The showcase had all sorts of cars there, JDM and KDM and USDM. It was nice to see some old EVO VIII’s out. There were Nissans, Kias, Hyundais, Cadillacs, Chevys, Subarus, Mazdas, and of course, Mitsubishis. This showcase welcomed a group of Hyundai Genesis owners who attracted the attention of the neighboring Hyundai dealership. Even Injen brought out their 3.8 V6 Genesis Coupe while Rally Innovations brought their 2.0T Genesis Coupe for a sneak peak of what’s coming for their 2010 arsenal.

Overall the event was a great success. Rally Innovations would like to thank the Anaheim Mitsubishi, as well as their numerous sponsors, and the enthusiast for their continued support.




The Autorama World of Wheels Show Car Series showcased a variety of custom cars, trucks, motorcycles, hot rods, race vehicles, antique cars, and other vehicles that just couldn't be classified due to their unique nature. The shows included an International Show Car Association (ISCA) - sanctioned competition for car exhibitors in seven different categories, including Truck/Van, Competition, Rod, Custom, Bike, Antique/Restored, and Street Machine. Contestants vie for part of a total series purse of $85,000 and compete for several additional prestigious awards since this show is a series and travels everywhere from Atlanta to Salt Lake City and everywhere in between.

This year Tuner Galleria was a part of the show. "Tuner Galleria is a multi-faceted car show experience focused on high-caliber vehicles, their unique owners, and all the lifestyle elements relevant to this generational market. Our event encompasses vehicles in modern American muscle, sport compact, and European luxury and exotics. Lifestyle elements of the show create memorable experiences for the audience that goes far beyond any other event." After talking to some of the people from Tuner Galleria we look forward to working with them in their future events.

Our very own Pete Lutz was there with his 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 competing in the Autorama World of Wheels ISCA "Euro Style Custom" Class. Pete got best in class and represented Team AllStars with style! Congrats to Pete on his award!



On Saturday January 31st the International Allstars found themselves at the Los Angeles Center Studios to bring some VIP's together for aPre-Grammy's Industry Mixer event hosted by Creative Kingdom and Icon Collection. Together they teamed up to produce a great event that went spectacular and better than anyone had expected.

The event had many attractions including lifestyle entertainment like break-dancing by Killa-Fornia, beat-box Trio Mouthfunctions, rap group EGO, singer Michelle from Jammin Productions, an Allstar cast DJ's, Marketing Queens, Drift Drivers, and Race Queens. Photographers, videographers, food, drinks, and even some great giveaways were given as parting gifts. This event will be the talk of the town for months to come and were already planning the next big event which will be posted on our website and facebook page.

The International Allstars would like to thank all those that attended this mixer and welcome feedback on how you can get involved to make things bigger and better as we gear up for future television & film work. We have the best partners and consultants in the world and it truly makes us International and we are very proud of the name, the International Allstars..




Rally Innovations and Puente Hills Mitsubishi partnered to have its first in a series of Dealer Showcases. They had a live DJ, a free taco lunch and lots of raffle giveaways. The event was virtually a huge meet, where people were able to see great new products as well as spend time with friends. The highlight of the show was the presence of the ‘Evo Soul’ Evos, courtesy of Rally Innovations. Both vehicles featured all of the Evo Soul products available from their company. Their friendly staff was also on hand to answer questions and mingle with attendees. The International Allstars Automotive Marketing team turned out in force, adding giveaways and keeping the crowd hyped throughout the day. The amazing giveaways included free oil changes from the Puente Hills Dealership, DVD’s from Live Sockets, shirts from Work Wheels and Injen, a carbon fiber wing from Seibon and set of Pro-kit Springs from Eibach. Overall, the event was a huge success, bringing business to the dealership and letting customers know that they are a “mod-friendly” establishment. Rally Innovations would like to thank the dealership, as well as their numerous sponsors, for their continued support and would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a great new year!! For more information on Rally Innovations products go to:


San Diego International Auto Show 2010

The International Allstars attended its third San Diego International Autoshow this past weekend, some of the hottest show vehicles in the country. Once again, our partners and sponsors made this year's event a big hit. Some highlights of the event came out of the Allstars' beatbox performance on stage and the bikini contest hosted by members of the International Allstars and Jennifer Ancheta, Director of the Marketing Queens. We had plenty of giveaways on stage from our sponsors --Bridgestone, Mazda, Lucas Oil, Odyssey and Pioneer DJ. Show-goers loved the swag and it really brought excitement to the crowd. The Allstars had its very own DJ One, spinning throughout the weekend. We had three Marketing Queens working the event all day Saturday, featuring the fresh new face of Miyra Gonzales! Partners like 5Zigen, Bomex, Eibach, Mazda and Rally Innovations helped display great vehicles and products, entertaining the crowd every day of the show. Extreme Autofest & ShiftR really put on a great event, and we want to thank them for all of their support to the International Allstars over the years. Team Allstars would like to wish everyone a happy New Year. We hope you enjoy the event coverage by our very own staff photographer, Jason Flores.







For the first time Federal Tires will bring their full product line to Germany. They will do this through 3 different distributor locations within Germany! One of their main targets is the sport enthusiast. They wish to push their Federal 595 RSR product with focus on the Nurburgring which is the new home to International Drift Series "IDS".

Flagship car? Team Allstars Nissan R33 Skyline and driver Jazz "Lostboy" Williams will be the first wave of attack in country! This world popular brand of tire is looking to raise the awareness and quality status of the brand and go head to head with Falken tire!

This is new and exciting as if any of you have ever used Federal Tires for track, drift, or road use, you know the true quality of the tire but with such a low price the performance is often unknown or over looked because people think price equals quality.

With the Skyline taking on 600hp, those Federal tires will be put to the test and will for sure cause much attention in the sport.

In relation to this change, the car will take on drastic improvements as well as over all design and will debut in March wearing Federal battle colors.

I hope to gain even more of their trust so as to share the wealth when they are truly ready to hit the states hard. They have done somethings with a group called just drift, but have their eyes fixed on the Allstars after noticing our long track record. Please pray and support in anyway possible. Wish us luck! GO TEAM GO!


SEMA 2009

2009 found the International Allstars in bright colors and spirits from race cars, to show cars, to VIP style cars! This year was one of our best selections yet says founder and President Bill Montgomery. For more than a decade now, Allstars has been involved with SEMA in some fashion, always looking to impress or promote our sponsors and looking for new partners. SEMA is the place to be if you want the attention and press along with the excitement of Las Vegas. Some International Allstars highlights from SEMA 2009:

* Saturday & Sunday before the show, Allstars was contracted by ConVexx verifying exhibitor credentials and placing vehicles

* ConVexx remarked on how smooth and professional the process went this year with minimum waiting times for participants

* Lexani Wheels gave Allstars staff, partners and guests admission and VIP treatment to their private concert at the Hard Rock Café Joint

* Allstars marketing-queen Jennifer was the highlight featured on the back page of the current, just off the press, Lexani Magazine, issue twenty-seven

* Jennifer worked the red carpet in front of the step-and-repeat logo backdrop with Ed from Autofest, a couple of DJ's, and Carlos representing Lexani

* Allstars was spotted ‘hangin with “mainstream” TV personality Flavor Flav too

* International Allstars covered the show with different vehicles placed in key areas, including the Mazda RX-8 (look for the pictures with Jennifer & Lonni!)

* Partner logo placement and products were well displayed. They will show up in several magazines and online links- helping our sponsor’s SEM (search-engine-marketing)

When you want product placement, spokes-model talent, photography, media coverage, or manpower- Allstars is a full service provider. We pride ourselves on over-delivering verses over-promising. For more VISIT TEAM ALLSTAR SERVICES



Come out and enjoy the Lady AllStar Marketing Queens at the next Prime Motivation event



Our very own AllStars Marketing Queen, Michelle Waterson (-aka- The Karate Hottie) has been featured in Megadeth's latest music video entitled "Headcrusher". Michelle is showing off AllStar Caliber moves, kickin' butt and taking names. Congrats to Michelle on the much deserved video spot.



Words by: Tony Nguyen

Pictures by: Tony Nguyen, Jordan Riegelhaupt, & Thomas Corbett

Team AllStars attended and judged one of the largest, car show events in the South East. Elite Summer Nationals (ESN) held Saturday, August 8th, 2009 was a continuation of several very successful ESN shows from years prior. The Spartanburg Expo Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina was host to this show which included an all day Sound, Show and Drift events.

The sound competition was intense. We had our very own John Marsh competing in the SQL. It raged from ground-shaking bass classes to complete sound quality judging. Hosted by MECA, The Sound Quality League presented 3 contests: (Taken from the ESN Site) Sound Quality (8 classes) rating the realism and accuracy of the system’s music reproduction; Install (4classes) examining the quality of workmanship and design; "RTA Freq Out" scores the technical aspect of frequency proportion and accuracy. The Sound Pressure League contests worked with 18 classes, based on system potential and design to find the loudest systems that play extreme bass notes. The popular crowd pleaser “Drive-by SPL Parade” tests the loudest music playing vehicles in 5 classes to find the “neighborhood nuisances” with the loudest systems outside the vehicle.

Hundreds of show cars took over the expo center. The car show portion included everything from sport compacts, domestics, classic cars, exotics, trucks, and more. Literally every class had vehicles there to represent and there were even more classes created due to the sheer excess of cars on location. Big thanks to all of those who helped with the judging and a shout out goes to one Mr. Pablo from Import Atlanta who helped us out with his expertise.

The 100,000 square ft. facility was host to many vendors at their booths as well as live music from DJ’s spinning on the stage. Outside, the event heated up with the Drift competition, hosted by DG Trials. Spectators watched as cars power-slid, twisted, and turned at high speeds through the race course. Professionals and amateurs raced alongside each other all day, competing for top honors.

Elite Summer Nationals went primetime this year on National TV on the ESPN2 & Fox Sports Networks, with their very own 30 minute exclusive episode on the Mothers’ Car Show TV Series!

This was also the very first time at an event on the East Coast to have our newest Team AllStars model/spokesperson, Emily Kile, with us. As the Team was out and about judging the car show and ensuring that the event was being run smoothly, Emily stood her ground at our booth greeting the spectators, taking pictures with them, and spreading the word about Team AllStars. She also helped at the award’s ceremony handing out the trophies to the winners. Great job Emily!



Words & Pictures by: Jason Flores

The Int. Allstars attended the Extreme Autofest Supershow this past Sunday July 26th in San Diego in full force. Bringing several Divisions within the company to display and work the show was a big Hit. With several new members on board people saw the bar being raised with new talent on hand. Bill Montgomery said this was one of the best shows and is looking for more Mainstream coverage to include TV or film soon. Hopefully more sponsors will join us soon to increase sells and help with needed manpower to work events and promote the brands. We love the automotive industry and looking forward to helping it get back to being healthy again. This show had over 800 show vehicles of all kinds with a wide range of acts, performers on stage, bringing different car clubs to one area making it a very large event. I expect over 10,000.00 spectators came through the gates for a value added event they did not expect to attend. Allstars made this event special by running the Bikini show, judging most of the vehicles, helping host the stage, bringing some great show vehicles for display and having good product samples/give a ways from our Sponsors.

Special thanks to our Race Drivers, Marketing Queens, VIP's, judges, partners/sponsors (Eclipse, Hey Baby,lucas Oil, Mazda, MOMO, Team 5 Zigen) and more. We have the best Team in the world and we keep getting better while giving back to the industry and helping people grow!!! Overall many people were happy and event coverage can be seen on several sites such as,, &



Words by: Eiji Marinas

Pictures by: Jason Flores

This year’s Mitsubishi Owners Day also known as MOD2009 was a huge event for all car enthusiast, Mitsubishi corporate and aftermarket vendors such as Rally Innovations. We have seen major success educating the community with the rally lifestyle through our products, services and strong International Team All-Stars presence. The event was held on Saturday July 11, 2009 at Mitsubishi Motors of America headquarters in Cypress, Ca. Car enthusiast from all walks of life ventured to celebrate their ownership of the Lancer Evolutions to the rugged Outlanders that overwhelmed the parking lot. Manufactures’ such as Rally Innovations premiered our rally Outlander, tuning company AMS displayed their racing fleet, and International Team All-Stars partner 5Zigen showed their world-class products. The day was filled with entertainment with VANS giving a skate and BMX demo’s showing the crowd what it feels like to catch air to In-N-Out providing a complimentary lunch. Overall MOD2009 was another successful event!



Words & Pictures by: Tony Nguyen

One of the South East’s largest car shows occurred recently and some International AllStars were there to represent. Held at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds in North Georgia the show had classes for import cars, domestic cars, mini-trucks, full-size trucks, 4x4’s, hot rods, classics, bikes, and low-riders. There was literally something there that was of interest to anyone whether young or old, wild or contemporary there was something there to excite you. This was a 3 day event including a car show, audio sound off, bike/chopper build, bikini contest, vendor lane, and many other activities. Big names in the truck scene such as Dan Ward from Truckin magazine and Travis Noack from Street Trucks along with Joe Greeves from 8-Lug magazine, and John Jackson were back in full force doing what they do best. Mini Truckin, Street Chopper, Rodz, and Performance Auto & Sound also had representatives out doing coverage and promotions. Our very own Peter Lutz took home top 75 Import and Tom Lawson took home top 25 truck! Congrats to our guys being out there doing what it is we do best.



Yolanda made the cover of Walk About Magazine.



Words & Pictures by: Jazz Williams

Let me tell you about all the excitement you missed out on! This weekends adventure took us to Recaro Days where the IDS Pro Drift round 3 and the International Drift Cup was being held on the Nurburgring Mercedes Arena course! This event was for sure to be full of excitement as many international drivers were to compete! Russia, UK, Netherlands, Swiss, Poland, and more! The days started nice and sunny but unexpected showers continued to play with us as the event went on. This caused almost a constant change in track conditions from dry to super wet, to half and half, then back to dry. It made the drivers and fans crazy but the show must go on! We were having a few problems with "Diva" our drift skyline and her mapping system. So for this round of competition we were unable to unleash the raw force of 3rd gear. After consideration we decided to compete anyway even though we would be slower than usual. We managed to qualify for the first time in our series! As a rookie driver and new team we qualified an amazing 8th out of 30 drivers which means we captured a high spot in the main competition! In drifting you have to qualify in front of judges and they pick the top 16 drivers to compete in what we call twin battle! This is a heated exchange between drivers on the track as 2 cars drift at the same time on the track and try to out drift the other. This is called "battle" or "twin drift". Almost like two rally cars moving through a course at the same time, performing the same moves only inches away from each other at 150 kph or higher! To qualify top 16 is a very big deal in drifting and we are so happy to cross over into this very special field of drivers and teams! We were defeated in twin battle giving us a top 10 finish at the 10 spot! We were up against a well known veteran from the Swiss team and lost 12 to 8 but we were so pumped up with excitement for our first full on pro battle and put on a very close fight and with only 2nd gear! We were then invited to compete in the International Drift Cup that would place selected Top 16 IDS Pro drivers against the International drivers attending the event. We kept our 8th place qualification and prepared for "battle" ! When all the madness settled we found ourselves matched up against the top IDS Pro drivers to battle for the final 3 positions! Here we gave way to experience but we were still very happy to finish 4th place over all in our second Pro battle ever! This led to 3 TV appearances from various shows, DVD coverage by Dotz Mag, and thousands of happy fans who are already loyal to your brands or potential buyers! Thank you to all our amazing sponsors for making this possible. We look forward to continue to grow with you and push forward breaking boundaries and making history!



Words by: Tony Nguyen

Pictures by: Tony Nguyen & David Nguyen

American Radio hosts an SPL competition of sorts on selected Fridays. Located in Cumming, GA American Radio is a one source stop for: Custom Sound Systems, Leather Interiors, Marine Audio-Video & Navigation, Mobile Internet Systems, TracStar, Rear Seat Entertainment, Satellite Radio, XM Radio, Sirius Satellite, TV Antenna, Security Systems, Sunroof Installation, Vehicle Recovery Systems, and more! It also helps that one of our very own, John Marsh, is the manager of the Cumming location of American Radio. Good times were had by all as they pulled up to the SPL meter and tested their sound systems. On this night the highest number was 150. Not too shabby! International AllStars was definitely repping this meet up with John Marsh hosting the event, Pete Lutz coming out in his Mazda Speed3, Tom Lawson in his Ford Lightning (always a treat to see and hear that thing), Jordan Riegelhaupt in his daily driver blurple-ized Honda Accord, and Tony Nguyen pimping his Minivan (the Lexus is out of commission for the time being - stupid semi truck retreaded tires). Don't worry, I am coming back with some new goodies and it promises to be the hawtness!



Words by: Tony Nguyen

Pictures by: Tony Nguyen & David Nguyen

Once a month automotive enthusiasts convene at The Varsity located in downtown Atlanta, GA with their rides of all shapes and sizes. The parking lot fills up with hundreds of exhibiters and spectators from all walks of life. For those of you who don’t know what The Varsity is here is some information about it: “The World's Largest Drive-in sits on more than two acres and can accommodate 600 cars and over eight hundred people inside. On days of Georgia Tech football games up to 30,000 people visit The Varsity. It sells more than two miles of hotdogs daily, a ton of onion rings, 2500 pounds of fresh cut potatoes, 5000 homemade fried pies, and 300 gallons of chili, all of which are made from scratch daily. The downtown Varsity is also the world's largest single outlet for Coca-Cola.” International AllStars had several members come out to represent. Alex Farrington brought out his NSX, Nico Figueroa and his wife Karen were in their Infiniti G35, Pete Lutz was rocking his MazdaSpeed 3, Tony Nguyen in his Carbon fibered out Lexus GS300, and Jordan Riegelhaupt brought out his Honda Accord AKA his support vehicle. Good times were had by all and the International AllStars had lots of visitors as we had primo parking thanks to Alex and Nico for setting that up! So if you are ever in town on the 1st Thursday of every month and are into cars stop by the Varsity downtown from 7 PM till 11PM!



It was a beautiful day in Southern California and the team packed up for a fun day at the races. Josh from Bridgestone/PTSC was also in town for the race so we got to spend some time with him away from our race scene which was definitely fun times. We also had the rare opportunity to bring our families to the event which was a real treat for them since it was the first time for all of them to come to an all access pass to every area including the pits and the paddock where all the teams would prep their cars and the drivers could be seen walking around.



Words by: Jordan Riegelhaupt & Tony Nguyen

Pictures by: Tony Nguyen & David Nguyen

On May 9th and 10th 2009 Formula Drift made its annual stop at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. With the nation’s top drifters sliding around the track, a car show sponsored by JTuned Auto Gallery and sponsors’ booths such as Mazda, Exeddy, Falken, BF Goodrich, Cooper Tires, Flynn’s Detail Products and more it was surely an event that no one should have missed. International AllStars was there representing strong and covering the event from all angles.

What exactly is Formula Drift? “Entering its sixth year, Formula Drift is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship series. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motor sports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life. This high-skilled, high-powered motor sport where drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course, has more than 60 professional drivers competing in all seven competitions this year.

Judged on execution and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Drifting is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and is often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross.

Formula DRIFT and the drivers serve as ambassadors for the sport of drifting bringing exhibitions to traditional/mainstream motor sports events across the country which have included: multiple Champ Car, World Series races, American Le Mans, USAC, NASCAR Busch North & Featherlite Southwest and the SPEED World Challenge, among others.”

This year International AllStars took part in all areas of the event. Alex Farrington’s NSX was representing strong as one of the 2 Exeddy booth cars. John Marsh, Pete Lutz, and Alex again all had vehicles in the Mazda booth which was manned by Team AllStars members through the whole weekend. Our presence was clearly visible down vendor row. However, we did not stop there, Tony Nguyen and Bing Low were both participants in the JTuned Car Show with a Black and Carbon Fibered Lexus GS300 and a Supercharged VIP Lexus GS400 respectively. Bing even took home top honors being named “Best VIP”.

International AllStars even got to spend some time in the United Way tent (Thanks Monty), who graciously gave us amazing seats and a great view of the drift exhibition right at the horse shoe where all the action was. We also had team members Mike Taylor and Nico Figueroa and their families who came out to support the team in every way possible.

With the majority of the team’s Southeastern members present, it made for a great weekend. If you happened to miss the event, or if you were there and would like to relive the fun, we’ve got the coverage needed to make you feel like you were there alongside with us! Just like always, in the AllStars’ way, click the link below for a guide through the weekend.



Words by - Tony Nguyen AKA CarbonGS

On April 26th, 2009 Atlanta became host to one of the largest Meets in the South East. Created as a outlet for those who appreciate the grassroots of the car modifying industry. There is everything available for viewing from stock factory form cars to the extreme show competition vehicles you see at shows such as HIN, DUB, and SEMA. There are even weekend warriors present with their home built drift and autocross cars. “One thing that they all have in common is an uncanny understanding of quality workmanship, as well as a desire to utilize the best parts that their budgets will accommodate,” Says the Import Alliance Crew.

Their past events have had impressive participation. In 2006 their first event brought in over 700 cars and approximately 1,500 people and numbers have increased to exceed 1900 cars and approximately 4000 people with attendees coming form more than 30 states!

This year International AllStars was present along side Import Alliance to represent the South East’s modified car demographic. It was a very fun trip for all of us as it also brought together our team that is separated most of the year due to having members in other states. Having the chance to come together and show off our rides without the worries of having to clean the cars and get them judge ready was definitely a great perk however we made sure that we represented as this event to our fullest since it was in our backyard!

So, come along as we document the day from before, during, and after the event – the International AllStars way!


Let it load so that you can scroll through it all. It covers before, during, and after the event.


The Rally Innovations Factory Team (RI) headed for The Desert Storm Rally in the deserts of Blythe, California. This is RI's fourth race of the rally season. Desert Storm is part of the Rally America Southwest Rally Series and California Rally Series. A torturing 118 stage miles of obstacles can make or break teams in earning championship points. Palo Verde College hosted providing access to their automotive shop loaded with lifts, tools, and machine shop. So the teams and service crews were in good hands.

Craftech Corporation a leader in the development and production of high-quality plastics for the automotive industry and other industries sponsoring the RI team played a great deal in RI taking first in Open Light Class. On Saturday, driver Kevin Welker and co-driver Nolan Sambrano kept up with the competition. The Alltrac Celica and WRX driven by RI's competition suffered flat tires but was still able to take the day's victory. On Sunday, Rally Innovations moved up a spot in the class and overall by an unfortunate gearbox failure on the WRX. Although Weleff's Celica got another flat tire, it wasn't enough for the RI team to get first place in the CRS-GT class. It was enough though to take first place in the brand new Rally America Open Light Class.




With the news of the 23rd annual Spring Break Nationals shifting dates to the hottest weekend of Spring Break, renown HOT 97 New York DJ and host of ESPN’s Car Wars, Funkmaster Flex will combine his 2009 Custom Car and Bike Show Tour with SBN, the World’s Most Famous Soundoff, this coming March 14th and 15th. With an additional 100,000 square feet to house the mega event, the newly expanded Ocean Center is the place located in the heart of Daytona Beach’s Spring Break activity.

“We’re absolutely thrilled on many levels” said SBN Founder Paul Papadeas, “we’ve waited years for the Ocean Center expansion and now, it’s a reality. Additionally, we’ve been able to secure the center for the peak weekend of Spring Break making this the event to be at. Automotive aftermarket accessories suppliers are being courted now that we have space to house them. Hotels are already booking in record numbers and with fuel costs declining as they are, we expect a huge turnout”. “For the past couple of years, I have coordinated Flex’s car show here in Daytona and it’s always jam packed”, says Papadeas, “Flex is a celebrity with a great following and his Road Show is PRO all the way. Flex is well connected and most influential among the music and custom car genre, so may expect a few awesome surprises at SBN this year”.

Congratulations again to the whole team for the successful showing at the Spring Break Nationals.



The Rally Innovations Team had a race at Ridge Crest, CA. The teams 2.5rs Impreza placed 4th over all but placed 1st in its class. They competed against a high horse powered off road Ford rally truck; a well boosted Impreza WRX STi, and nicely tuned DSM (eclipse) with a crazy suspension set up. RI was very competitive with its rivals. One of their competitors was an Automatic 2.5rs Impreza with a wide body kit pulling a lot of horse power. They came in 5th over all. Not bad for an automatic, then again it did place 5th and behind a NA car. The Teams car was pulling some decent lap times and in each lap the team kept getting faster and faster. At one point they beat their lap time by 1/100 of a second. Haha Not bad.

Rally Innovations brought their Evolution X time attack car to the event. It got some attention when it arrived and throughout the day. A lot of questions were asked and people admired it. Not only did the Evo X get attention but as well as the Impreza rally car Rally Innovations has. The car had its own fan wagon with spectators taking pictures of both the Evolution X and the Impreza. I as an intern, passed out a few flyers and got acquainted with the spectators and passed out the word of the Rally Innovations team. They loved the cars. It’s nice to have Rally Innovations bring out a crowd full of attention.




The end of January also marked the beginning of the 2009 California Rally Series season. Fresh from a 2008 class victory, Team Rally Innovations packed up the car and left for the first event of the season – Plan B Rally in Ridgecrest, CA.

With some fresh parts and a lighter chassis, driver Kevin Welker and Nolan Sambrano quickly found a rhythm and stuck with it throughout the day. Their quickest time was posted on stage 2 clocking in at 7 minutes 22 seconds, and held second place overall for an extended period during the day.

When asked about his hopes and aspirations for the upcoming season, Welker responded, “I’m feeling very optimistic about the 2009 season. We’ve got a great team and service crew and of course I’d be lost without my trusty co-driver, Nolan.” Kevin and Nolan finished 1st in the two classes they were running, CRS PGT and Open Light- a brand new class in the Rally America series, and even beat out their turbocharged competitor. The team placed 5th overall behind 3 rally trucks and a Camaro, all with V8’s. The next event will be held back in Ridgecrest at the Area 51.1 motor sports facility for the High Desert Trails Rally on February 20th and 21st, 2009.

See more pictures and in-car videos of the event at these websites -





The International All-Stars and Redline Magazine bring its' loyal subscriber base for a 1000 mile ride across the U.S. border to Toronto Canada, which is one of the stops on the 2006 Importfest Car Show Series. Issue 112 of the popular UK-based magazine is where you will find a full 5-page feature on this allstar excursion to Canada's Baddest Show series as they call it. Many thanks to our partners at Redline Magazine and Importfest for their continued support....Click here to see the full feature.

SEMA SCC nominates the International All-Stars Marketing Co. for the Industry Image Award

The All-Stars were honored to be running for a such a prestigious award amongst companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Mattel's Hot Wheels. At the Reception and Awards Presentation the following winners were acknowledged:

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: Scion division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.
PERSON OF THE YEAR: Stephan Papadakis, AEM
INDUSTRY IMAGE: Electronic Arts
INDUSTRY ICON: Michael Ferrara, IDRC & DSport Magazine

Click here to read the entire announcement.

Advanstar Partners with Ebay Motors and Alexander Farrington on FDNY Tribute Bike

The Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows Presented by Toyota is pleased to announce a partnership in conjunction with Ebay Motors and Alexander Farrington to showcase a fully customized Kawasaki ZX-7R that will be auctioned off at the conclusion of the season to honor those fallen firefighters who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Click here to access the full version of the article.


All-Stars Drifter, Casper Canul, landed a full 6-page feature in this November '06 issue of DSport Magazine. Congrats to Casper! Check back soon as all the latest news on All-Star Drifters - Casper and the Enjuku Racing can be found right here...View more


The 2006 NOPI Nationals was a memorable one, as the International All-Stars accomplished a massive effort to dominate at this east coast monster of an event. For those that didn't get a chance to make it out there, the Polk Audio and Cooper Tires booths were the place to be, as the crowds kept coming due to all the surprises that the All-Stars kept pulling out of their hats all weekend. First, the Von Dutch Clothing Company came out and provided some lucky individuals in the crowd with great designer tees and hats. Secondly, Makes and Models Magazine and S3 Magazine came by to distribute their lastest issues currently on newstands. And if that wasn't enough, Celebrity Guest and All-Star member, Slim of the Notorious R&B group 112 came out to support his team and its sponsors by posing for pictures and signing autographs. Every few hours tons of merchandise and promotional items were distributed to die-hard Cooper Tire and Polk Audio fans resulting in the 2 busiest booths at NOPI hands down. Overall, it was it was a successful weekend when it came down to promotions, and to top things off All-Star member Jeff Giese and his completely redone Honda Civic took home ‘Overall Best of Show Honors’ beating out over 6000 other competitors.

Formula Drift, Wall NJ Coverage

The International All-Stars hit the track at Wall, New Jersey for Formula D’s much anticipated event. Casper Canul and Enjuku Racing made it to the Top 16, & Cooper Tires had by the far the best and most crowded booth display of weekend. Check out more of the coverage here.


Round 4 of the popular drift series, Formula Drift, was held on July 9th, 2006. With all the hype and craze in the auto industry about drifting, the All-Stars knew that they and their family of sponsors would have to pull together and dominate both on and off the track... read more!


A good friend of mine, who happens to be a senior member of the International Allstars, created a design for a bike in tribute to the 343 firefighters lost in the tragedy of 9/11. And just in case you were wondering, he had the idea and plans for the bike before Orange County Choppers did their Fire Fighter chopper bike, which is also an extraordinary piece of art by the way. Following the suggestion of another Allstar's team member, Carlos Avelar, Alex decided to trailer the bike from Atlanta, GA to New York to have firemen from 3 different houses view and ultimately sign the bike, since for him he saw no bigger honor than presenting it to them as a small token of his appreciation for their sacrifices.

I had the honor of joining Alex on this journey and it's my distinct pleasure to share with you some of the pictures that we took at each house. The houses we visited were Squad 1 of Brooklyn, NY; Ladder 148 of Brooklyn, NY; and 10 Truck of Manhattan, literally 10 feet from Ground Zero on Liberty Street. Alex chose these houses each for different reasons: Squad 1 because their house lost 11 firefighters, almost half a house of 24, the most of any house in NY; Ladder 148 because their Captain, Capt. Mike Gala, expressed extreme interest in being a part of the bike as he himself was in the World Trade Center moments before it collapsed; and finally 10 Truck because of it's proximity to Ground Zero.

For me to have the opportunity to be a part of the presentation of this bike to these fine Americans is one of the most memorable and honorable moments that I have had the pleasure of being a part of and I will forever be grateful to Alex for allowing me the opportunity to join him in his quest. We laughed, talked story, shot the shit, joked, and cried all in the same day with these great individuals, and as the late great Jim Valvano would say, "That's a full day, that's a heck of a day." Without further ado, I present to you our pictures:


You can also find more specific info about the bike itself here.

Nico Figueroa

PS - Please feel free to contact Alex yourself and let him know how you feel about what he's done with this bike. He had no outside sponsors or investors in the project, he financed it from it's conception and he's still not completely finished with it. According to him there are some other finishing touches that he'd like to add. His goal is to tour the bike in various locations around the country (car/bike shows, etc) and ultimately auction the bike off and have the proceeds go towards charity. Also, if the link is flooded, please be patient and visit it again later. The high traffic to the site may cause access problems.


And we thought LAST month was busy! We've had so many great events this month -- from HIN in Atlantic City to NOPI Nationals in Atlanta to the awesome Car & Bike Night in California. Team Allstars is everywhere and going strong! Check out the Gallery to get caught up on all the happenings around the country!

MODEL SEARCH: Get a chance to be featured in Makes & Models Magazine!

When: October 1, 2006
Where: Coor Amphitheater
Time: Photoshoot from 12pm to 3pm
Other info: RSVP Required. Free to enter by RSVP. No fees. Must RSVP by 9/28/06. Must be 18 years or older. Some restrictions apply. To RSVP, email:

Extreme Autofest: San Diego

Surely to be one of this year's most talk about shows, Extreme Auto Fest will be coming to sunny San Diego, California at the Coors Amphitheatre. Mark your calendars for this stellar event. For more information, logon to!

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2006

Cruise the streets of Vegas with tons of the hottest Imports, Trucks, SUV's, and Motorcycles, as Team Allstars hosts the ever popular cruise night!


If you didn't see the MX-5 Cup race at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, you missed a spectacular race and our newest addition to the International All-Stars.

Drew Staveley battled multi-car teams single-handed to qualify in 5th out of 22 people that entered the race. That Sunday Drew had an amazing run that saw him leading for 2 of 25 laps.

With the race season just starting up, there will be chances to see and meet Drew Staveley at race tracks in the south west United States. Check here at regularly to see if he's coming to a track near you or log into


See the Team Allstars models in action at the A1 Grand Prix, March 2006!

Click here to see the photos!


Fast and the Furious Opening in Vegas! Here is a glimpse of what went down opening night of the Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift movie in Las Vegas. The Allstars were there of course to support the series and the industry. They brought out a few tricked out Mazdas that were on display for many to see... read more!


Road Atlanta found the Allstars working with Cooper Tires and Mazda USA for the weekend. Right off the bat we set up both camps and made our home known to the State of Georgia, the Dirty South! more!


Well Spring is here and the Southeast All-Stars have started the 2006 Show season off with a bang. Spring Break Nationals held in Daytona Beach Florida was held over the weekend of March 25 - 26. Team All-Stars arrived at Florida ready to do what they do BEST - Promote, Promote, Promote for their sponsors and what a better way to do that than to win top honors at one of the biggest car gatherings in the State...

read more!


For the Northeastern region of the country, February is usually about the time that when car tuners are putting the last finishing touches on their projects and are welcoming in the new show season. Setting the tone this early in the year is usually The International Auto Show held in the 'city of brotherly love' - more!


This year's Consumer Electonics show was a big hit as expected. As everyone knows this show debuts all the latest in technology for all the gadget geeks out there. From car audio & cell phones to video cameras it's all here so we're the Allstars working hard for their sponsors to give them that much needed edge to stand out in the jammed packed Las Vegas Convention more!


The makers of Hot Import Nights, Vision Entertainment pulled it off once again. This time they put together a show for exotic cars at the Anaheim Convention Center this past December 3rd. The show was a hit from the moment the doors were opened to the public as thousands of spectators swarmed aisle after aisle catching glimpses of the hottest highend vehicles on the market today. DIAL D/XM Satellite had their thinking caps on today, and hired the services of the All-Stars Model Division which did a more!


Every year the All-Stars do a better and bigger job for their sponsors by going above and beyond and delivering at the super bowl of all events -SEMA. This years event was no different as the All-Stars had 25 members at this event all wearing their uniforms and constantly plugging in their sponsors through various TV shows and trade publications. Many of the All-Stars vehicles and bikes were shot for several magazines before the more!


I must say thank you to all the people I came in contact with during the SEMA week -- the "Super Bowl" for most of us. We get ready all year for this event in some way or another, and it still comes up way to fast, and we run around like crazy til the last minute before the doors open!

It was truly a great show for the Allstars Team and, from the looks of it, also good for you and your company as well. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting our efforts and goals towards the automotive industry, as we truly lead and give back to the youth and Gen X/Y all the same; the Team did a lot during SEMA -- as many of you know who attended the week long event. Friday night out at the Track (Las Vegas Motor speedway) was also a great success.

Now the follow-up is just the beginning to great results that lay ahead for us. We're very proud of our project vehicles that made it to this show, and it's awards like the one from GM that makes it all worth the hard work and Teamwork we all provided for each other.

Thank you!
Bill Montgomery


The International All-Stars always live up to their name, so when the good folk over at Import Fest approached us about coming to the Baddest Show in Canada, we broke out the passports and took off to Toronto. (a.k.a. - The land of the eh?)

For those of you who have been deprived of going to Canada don't know what you have been missing. I admit I used to think that the only thing to come out of the country was hockey and Celine Dion. But Canada is home to Import Fest and it has been more!


So much coverage this month! Team Allstars is being featured in magazine after magazine and we're getting great involvement from our sponsors and team members alike. And with the great Team Directors across the country, our event coverage is at the highest ever!

I'm so proud of this Team and thank you all -- Members, Sponsors, Family and Friends -- for your support and involvement. We wouldn't be where we are today without you and the future's looking even better!


Another Allstars vehicle featured in a magazine! One of Eddie's right-hand man, we want to thank Sean for what he stands for and how he represents his sponsors while he has fun at the same time, and this guy's been great promoting the Team. Take a look at the spread in Car Sound & Performance!

See more of Sean and his ride in person at NOPI in Atlanta Sept 17 & 18. Hope to see you there!


We have pulled out all of the stops and doubled our efforts in the AMA including going overseas to learn how to develop a more efficient race team. On July 22-24 Sheldon Hinkson (myself), Motorcycle Director and AMA Race Team GM from The International Allstars, went to Donington Park, England, to watch and learn from the MotoGP story

The Northeast crew drove from all over to make it out to Boston for the FunkMaster Flex show, where Cooper tires was one of the main sponsors. All three team cars were in the booth. And everyone took home an award:

  • Sean & Integra - Best Acura
  • Eddie & Camry - Best Toyota
  • Rafael & IS300 - Best Overall Asian Luxury

  • Check out the show pics from Boston.


    On May 22, Team Allstars were at the SEMA IAS event in Atlantic City, NJ, where they walked away with a total of 4 trophies, including one of the two Best Team Awards.

    First team award handed out was for 'quantity', which goes to the team with the most members (won by New Image Motorsports out of NJ), and second was awarded to the International Allstars Team for best team 'quality'. Great job team!


    A BIG THANK YOU to all the sponsors for helping make this project happen. There is more magazine coverage yet to come, like this one with Fuel Magazine, and a TON more shows and events. Stay tuned for more on this awesome Orange Rocket from Mazda.

    Mazda BFGoodrich Eclipse Street Performance
    Extreme Auto
Fest 5Zigen USA Vogtland Sport Suspension Hell On Wheels